Ruta de la Plata

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Towns and cities boasting a cultural heritage alongside other cultural resources, coastal routes, rivers, reservoirs and wetlands, significant nature areas and landscapes (two National Parks and several Nature Parks) and sites of special ethnographic importance, in addition to an infinite array of complementary and alternative itineraries and routes.

Located in the west of the Iberian Peninsula, we offer you the opportunity to discover one of the most important and most attractive itineraries for travellers in Europe.


EXCLUSIVE SPAIN TOURS is a travel agency specializing in customized trips. The personalised attention it offers its customers in combination with the company’s abundant knowledge of Spain enables it to guarantee you a unique experience on your road trip.




VERONIA TOURS, an operator with a wide array of the experience in the organization of services for groups and individual clients. A family business which offers you quality service, flexible and specialized in planning all types of travel. TOUR






These tourist package deals have been directly organised by the tour operators and agencies that appear above. Bookings are to be made by directly contacting the travel agency that appears alongside each proposal.You may also obtain information in the brochures published by these tour operators, obtainable from your local tourist agency or via their websites.
The COOPERATION NETWORK OF TOWNS ON THE RUTA DE LA PLATA, assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the contents of the programmes or the fulfilment of the services offered herein. Full responsibility for the bookings, services, insurance and any other effects is borne by the travel agencies with whom the stay is booked.